Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hawaii's Public Land Development Corporation has too much power

Check out my latest article in my national column in which we discuss the moral hazard (and systemic risk!) that the Hawaii Public Land Development Corporation brings with its special jurisdiction. The language that created the PLDC in 2011 says that it is exempt from - not making this up - "all statutes, ordinances, charter provisions and rules of any government agency" ... can we say "Whoah!" altogether or what? When you think about it, the only thing that even comes remotely close to that kind of unlimited power is that fictional OPERATION: BLACKBRIAR unit in the Jason Bourne trilogy of movies.

I had the outstanding opportunity to interview Hawaii State Representative Jessica Wooley (D-48) on just what happened and how the system failed. Definitely make it a point to read this article. Rep. Wooley has the incredible moral distinction of being one of only nine legislators who voted down on the PLDC on the Floor, everyone else went along with the crowd. Be sure to read the article and share with all of your Hawaii friends and family.

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