Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rise of the Decepticons

Today's word and thought of the day: decepticons. I've used the term several times over the last two years, some of you still give me weird looks when I mention it but for clarification a "decepticon" is a conservative Republican who as a candidate claimed to support limited government, low taxes (or no new taxes, which is a quaint way of saying they support the status quo) but as an elected member of Congress advocates having "flexibility" to side step the ATR no tax pledge and advocates - through their voting record - essentially the same thing as hardcore progressives. That is a "decepticon" ... because those Republicans "transform" in office as there is truly "more than meets the eye!" (They are often prone to calling themselves "moderates" when called out by conservative media for their voting record and if they persist in siding with tyranny, they'll go so far as to rebrand themselves as "independents.")

Ironically, for all the flak that President Obama took for his off-mic gaffe in which he claimed he would be more flexible in his second term, it was actually the decepticons who first invoked the need for "flexibility" when it came to breaking the ATR pledge.


  1. I will save this and use it again and again because this is EXACTLY what goes on. Thank you Danny!