Thursday, November 22, 2012

My secret to happiness in life

Since its Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share the secret to happiness in life:

-Always give more than you receive.
-Whatever it is you want in life, make it happen for someone else.
-Tell the truth. Or don't speak at all.
-Ask. Don't demand. Compromise, don't insist.
-Love unconditionally and forgive graciously.
-Don't break promises, even when other people break theirs.
-Remember everyone is only human and everyone needs food, water, clothing, shelter and especially acceptance and love.
-Be good to people who don't deserve it.
-Never confess over yourself or the people in your life bad things. Always speak good words and believe the best for everyone.
-Be a peacemaker in all things. Be the one that calms a situation.
-And above all else: know what it means to be loved by God and forgiven by God through Jesus Christ. "He who has been forgiven little loves little but he who has been forgiven much the same lives much."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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